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Water Softeners

Water softeners are designed to remove compounds like calcium, magnesium and iron from your water. Water softeners can save you up to 30% on your hot water costs and provide even greater savings with fewer repairs to your appliances and water pipes. You can save hundreds of dollars per year while enjoying all the benefits of softer water.


Other benefits include:


  • better tasting water

  • softer, more hydrated skin 

  • no more itchy scalp after showering

  • glasses and dishes sparkle and shine

  • plumbing pipes and appliances are protected from scaling

  • no scum or iron buildup in your sinks and bathtubs to scrub and clean

find out What Water Softener system is right for you, book a consultation now.

Stop by our Burlington U-Fill water centre to talk more about the benefits of each system, and to order the one most appropriate for your home, office, or cottage.


Or call us at 905-637-4883
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