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We offer many services to fit your water filtration needs for both home and business. Find out more below...

Customers can purchase various sizes of water bottles or bring in their own jugs for filling.

We carry bottled water coolers for your home and office.

After purifying the water we re-mineralize it with rich natural minerals that contain calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals.

Pure Water 4U is pleased to offer Residential/home and Commercial/office delivery services.

These uniquely designed dispensers allow your water to be stored at room temperature while providing a stylish and convenient method of water dispensing. 

Purified reverse osmosis provides clean tasting water that is free from most contaminants found in city supplied water.

Stop by our Burlington U-Fill water centre to talk more about the benefits of each system, and to order the one most appropriate for your home, office, or cottage.


Or call us at 905-637-4883
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