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Water Coolers

We carry a wide variety of residential, office and commercial, bottled water coolers that are ice-chilled, fast water flow, top load or stainless steel bottom loader, and optional self-cleaning (with ozone) water coolers, that comes with an excellent manufacturer’s warranty. 


We carry water coolers that:

  • are ice-chilled, providing 3-5 times more cold water than most consumer brands

  • have fast water flow properties due to larger faucets

  • are available with top load or stainless steel bottoms

  • are self-cleaning (using ozone)

  • uniquely designed to match any home or office space

All of our water coolers are energy star compliant and use up to 58% less energy than conventional water coolers. Most importantly, they are all backed by manufacturer’s warranty.


find out What Water Cooler System is right for you, book a consultation now.


Stop by our Burlington U-Fill water centre to talk to us about water testing, and to check out options that might be right for your home, Business or cottage.

Stop by our Burlington U-Fill water centre to talk more about the benefits of each system, and to order the one most appropriate for your home, office, or cottage.


Or call us at 905-637-4883
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