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about us

Pure Water 4U has been operating as an independent water store for over 15 years.  Under the original ownership, the store grew a loyal customer base, and was well regarded in the Burlington community.


In 2017, Steve and Jessica Smith, who had been customers of Pure Water 4U for 10 years, were presented with the opportunity to purchase the business. And now they, along with their son Lucas to provide the same high quality alkaline and reverse osmosis waters and water treatment products. They have grown the business to include home/residential and office/commercial water delivery service.  


Our Certification

Pure Water 4U is a Member in good standing with the Canadian Water Quality Association, which provides Steve and Lucas with ongoing product, service and installation training.


This membership allows Pure Water 4U access to information about water quality, purification processes and water treatment procedures and regulations, ensuring our ability to provide the best products for our Customers.

Our Water

We all know the importance of drinking water. You want that water to be free from chemicals and harmful bacteria, we offer our customers the best quality of water  is our goal.


Our unique 12-stage reverse osmosis purification process provides our Customers with the option of freshly purified alkaline or reserves osmosis waters.  

These waters are available at our Burlington U-Fill water centre, or for home/residential or office/commercial delivery. Visit us today.

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