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Pure Water 4U has been operating as an independent water store for over 15 years.  Under the original ownership, the store grew a loyal customer base, and was well regarded in the Burlington community.


In 2017, Steve and Jessica Smith, who had been customers of Pure Water 4U for 10 years, were presented with the opportunity to purchase the business. And now they, along with their son Lucas to provide the same high quality alkaline and reverse osmosis waters and water treatment products. They have grown the business to include home/residential and office/commercial water delivery service.  


Our Certification

Pure Water 4U is a Member in good standing with the Canadian Water Quality Association, which provides Steve and Lucas with ongoing product, service and installation training.


This membership allows Pure Water 4U access to information about water quality, purification processes and water treatment procedures and regulations, ensuring our ability to provide the best products for our Customers.

Our Water

We all know the importance of drinking water. You want that water to be free from chemicals and harmful bacteria, we offer our customers the best quality of water  is our goal.


Our unique 12-stage reverse osmosis purification process provides our Customers with the option of freshly purified alkaline or reserves osmosis waters.  

These waters are available at our Burlington U-Fill water centre, or for home/residential or office/commercial delivery. Visit us today.

  • What is alkaline water?
    Alkaline water is purified water that's typically less acidic than regular city tap-water.
  • Is alkaline water healthier for you?
    Yes, we believe that it provides numerous health benefits for most individuals. Our alkaline water has a pH between 8.0 - 8.5 on the pH scale. This level is optimal for good health. And it may help to regulate the level of acidity in the body, helping to bring it to a more neutral state. Many researchers have found that a body that is "too acidic" has a higher risk for contracting disease and health disorders. Want to learn more about our alkaline water?:
  • Is bottled water a better choice than regular tap water?
    Well, that deoends on what you buy! Most pre-bottled water spends 30-90 days in a warehoure or on a grocery store shelf before you drink it. And you really don't know what you are getting in terms of quality. Typically, products labelled as "natural spring water" comes from an underground source such as a well or an aquifer. However, these waters may still contain many of the inorganic minerals, chemicals and total dissolved solids (TDS) that can be found in tap water, in most cases the total dissolved solids (TDS) of these waters are much higher than tap water ranging from 200-600 parts per million (ppm) of TDS. We offer reverse osmosis (R/O) purified water which contains 10 ppm of TDS or less. So our water (that you put in a Pure Water 4U BpA free bottle!) is a healthier choice.
  • Are filters effective in making pure water?
    Most filters that are available to consumers (the ones that screw on to kitchen faucets for example, or ones found in filter-jugs that go in the fridge) are highly ineffective in removing heavy metal, inorganic contaminants, chemicals and micro-organisms, most filters remove some sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odours at best, and most are too small to be very effective. Another drawback is not knowing when to replace the filters. If a filter is not replaced on a regular basis it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. We offer water purtification products and while home water treatment systems that provide healthy, purified water for your family.
  • What does "hard water" mean? "
    It's a term used to descirbe water that has an abundance of dissolved mineral compounds like calcium and magnesium. Typically, the water is "harder" to use when washing dishes and clothes, because soap doesn't lather well, and the water often causes har build-up and scaling in pipes, water heaters, kitchen and laundry appliances. Spots on your dishes? Clothes not looking as bright as they used to? Lots of soap residue in the bathtub? Then you might have hard water. What can you do about it? Invest in a water softener!
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