Whole House Activated Carbon Water Systems

Your family will benefit from safer, better smelling, cleaner water. There are no filter cartridges required and no water softening salts to purchase. Recent research has found that during a 10-minute shower or bath, your skin absorbs the chemicals equivalent of drinking one gallon of chlorinated tap water.

A whole house activated carbon water system can help to remove carcinogenic substances including:

  • chlorine

  • chloaramines

  • volatile and industrial chemicals

The Pure Water 4U, Purifiner carbon water system comes with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty.

As an authorized Purifiner dealer with exclusive dealerships rights in Halton, we are proud to sell and install Purifiner PCF Carbon Water Systems.


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Stop by our Burlington U-Fill water centre to talk more about the benefits of each system, and to order the one most appropriate for your home, office, or cottage.


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