Ultraviolet Water Sterilizers

Bacteriological contamination can be present in all water supplies, especially rural areas or areas which are not treated with municipal water systems. It is recommended that no well or lake water be consumed without adequate microbiological treatment, regardless of how often the water is tested.

Ultra violet system

Ultraviolet water sterilizers and ultraviolet disinfection systems will protect your family by removing harmful bacteria. Unlike traditional disinfection methods (like chlorination) ultraviolet disinfection sterilizers impart no residual chemicals in your drinking water. The most effective bacteria removal process available today is to use ultraviolet light (UV) disinfection to clean your water. In addition to the bacteria removal of E. coli, coliform, viruses, algae, mold and others, ultraviolet sterilizers are effective against protozoan such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lambia which effectively destroys these harmful pathogens. It is a proven fact that ultraviolet rays destroy the carcinogenic micro-organisms in seconds, which prevents these harmful pathogens from further multiplying. The result is the most simple, cost effective way of treating your water.