Reverse Osmosis Systems

Nothing is more important to you and your family’s health than drinking purified water. Purified water can be attained through the use of a Reverse Osmosis System. The recommended water consumption for the average person is 2 litres of purified water per day. The quality of the water you drink is so important that it:

  • Helps flush your kidneys of toxic substances
  • Helps in controlling your blood pressure
  • Gives you energy
  • And it re-hydrates your skin and body

Reverse Osmosis Systems From $399.00

No lugging heavy bottles, no cooler rentals, no monthly bill, no hassle. For a typical family of four our drinking water system produces water at a cost of approximately $0.20 per day. Compare that to delivered bottled water at over $3.50 per day.

That’s a SAVINGS OF OVER $1200.00 PER YEAR !

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System


High Purity 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis with Alkaline Water System