Chlorine Removal Shower Filters

Our shower and bath chlorine removal shower filters remove up to 90% + of the free chlorine from your tap water, giving you healthier, younger looking skin. As well as soft more manageable hair and reduced fading of colour-treated hair. Get relief from dry, itchy skin and scalp, with improved lathering and increased sudsing.

Research has confirmed that every 10 minutes in the shower, your skin absorbs the chemicals equivalent of drinking one gallon of chlorinated water.

  • Reduce free chlorine by 90%+
  • New design enhances cartridge performance
  • Patented KDF 55 bacteriostatic media, chlorine reducing media
  • Crystalline quartz for better lathering
  • Replaceable filter cartridges
  • Replace cartridges every 6-9 month for a family of four